Forum Bug -- last post vs. seen



I was just checking out someone’s profile and I found this:

It shows that the last post was just now, but the person was seen 1 minute ago. Just wanted to bring this to your attention @admins. Thanks!


Haha, yeah I e seen that a lot before, its only a small bug. XD


Wow, you take stalking people really seriously. XD


WhY DoeS EVEryONe CAll iT tHAt


It’s literally checking if a user is online or not how is that not stalking XD


Stalking is where you gather information on someone with intentions to find them somewhere, I’m pretty sure


that happens to me all the time


Yeah that happens sometimes
Usally with mods or sometimes people


I see that every day! It is so annoying because I use that feature a lot


That is weird, but I think that Discource, the company who has programmed the forum platform, might fix this soon.


I was really tired when I made that post lol ^^;


so mods are aliens is what you’re saying