Forum Boredom Relief :P


I've been bored out of my mind on the forum lately, so if you have nothing to do, come here and we can post some polls (mostly HS-related) or projects and ideas or whatever. Sort of like a big general topic, but focused more on doing stuff instead of talking. :D


Right now I am Hping my friend to do HW



One time I entered the classroom that way and the teacher called it disruptive and unnecessary XD

How are ya?


You can edit in the title, Almost General Topic...


I did it for you :slight_smile:


Why did you put -BRUH? XD


Because I am so bruh-ing bored lol


I just got back from school, where are you?


Everywhere. I got back from school some time ago. My homeroom is literally the most foolish one in the school h e l p


I only have homeroom first thing in the morning... It's my best class because we do nothing so we are allowed to talk with our friends and do a bunch of stuff.:+1::+1::+1:




True... The thing is, mine can get wild. People are seriously jumping on desks sometimes :0


Hopscotch related, please?


Ok, sorry


Hey did you guys so Madi's challenge. With the triangles?


Hello? Just lurking around :stuck_out_tongue:


aaaa don't flag us


Of course not XD


Oh, hello Mr.GAM3R (Did I spell that right?) , any new projects?


I didn't. Other people had already done it before I read the topic and I probably would have failed anyway.