Forum becoming less of a "forum"


"Aww now your going to leave to?" Said someone in there mind
Lol no.

I don't think it's bad that the fourm is becoming for social. I kind of like it. And when you do need a question, people will awnser. I really try not to make things like this and be more related to hopscotch. But the only reason I'm on the fourm as much as I do, is people talk and the social apsect. But I want to know everyone else's idea if you want to the fourm to be less social. Why I'm making this? I want to see if anyone shares the same Or not ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I like the fourm being social
  • I do, but I Wish more people were on topic.
  • Not really
  • I hate this being "social"
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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I want more on topicness but I go off topic a lot too...




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  • I like the fourm being social
  • I do, but I wish more people were on topic.
  • Not really
  • I hate this being "social"
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Public poll: choice 2

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I have mixed feelings about it


It is a bit off topic but..
if it was all about HS I'd just be liek "meh dis is boring" and leave lol


I dunno...
I mean, the social aspect is fine, but sometimes it just ruins the point of the forum.


If it were all about HS it'd be a bit weird.
I wish there was an Off-topic category.
Otherwise we would flood every other category with off-topicnness.
And that makes the whole forum the "Off-topic" category.
We need to pin a sign on here saying:

Hopscotch Social Hub


Yeah. Some people are kinda off topic. Am I?:grimacing:


If there was an off topic category, it would be promoting off topic things.

Like saying "You can be off topic here!".
And staying on topic is really important. :0


But it would make the other categories have less off-topic things, right?


I hate social. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest stink and ruin lives. Like mine.


Yes it would, but it's still making more off-topic things, so overall it's not doing anything good. So if we had no off topic things, there won't be any off topic things anywhere in any category.


I disagree
Nor do I get what you're trying to say


Don't say that they stink plz


Okay! :D
I respect your opinion.

I just noticed what I said was so weird.
I mean if there's no off-topicness anywhere, it would be good.
And making an off topic category would make it so people can be off topic and make things that don't relate to coding or hopscotch.
Or am I understanding this wrong and you meant make an "other" category. XD


I mean off-topic
Also, how do you prevent off-topicness?