Forum Badge Awards!



You know, everyone's cray about giving badges, so why not make a topic about giving badges? That's right!

I present to you, my collection!

Nicest Hopscotch Forumer: @SmilingSnowflakes!
She is just so nice! I looked in her posts, and 99.99% of her posts had :D in it! She can display a positive attitude whenever, and that's a huge talent. On top of that, she's an excellent coder. She loves helping people with projects and she's superb at text art! It's really an honor for her to be here.

Staff Badge: @Liza!
Liza has been helping us with the forum since day one. She is really nice, and it's a pleasure for her to be in the THT! She teaches us how to make the forum great! Everyone is happy around her :D

Helper Badge: @oio!
Oio is very, very smart. Most of us are just kids, and we don't really know a lot about advanced maths, etc. Oio is a very unique and helpful hopscotcher. He writes informational paragraphs and is on a lot too! It's a treat.

Most Liked Forumer: @OrangeScent1!
Orangescent is talented in many different ways. She is a funny person, and spectacular at art. With her awesome ideas, she gets lots of likes and fans on hopscotch. Her recent streak of 3 projects featured in 1 week was ASTONISHING. Great job.

Most Polite Forumer: @Gilbert189!
Gilbert189 is an excellent coder, and very polite as well! He has 0 flags! That's an achievement. (@Anonymous has 20+) Rejecting people is a hard thing to do. Gilbert189 has the skill!

Latest News: @CreativeCoder!
Creativecoder reads almost everything on the forum. If you go to users and in "all time" and look at the posts creative coder read, you'll go o_O!
Having this badge, you can depend on her if you miss something. Also, she is a terrific coder. What a great combination!

Speedy Coder: @SmileyAlyssa!
SmileyAlyssa builds up her fans with one simple trick. Speedy coding. Her projects are out of this world, and yet she finishes it in such a short time. Once, I had a mini collab with her. She did 50+ colors in less than 4 hours. We all have real life situations, and that's just truly amazing.

Best Coder: @everyone!
All of the people here are amazing. Every time I log into the hopscotch forum. It's not every community that is as bright as this one.

What are your badges? I would like to hear.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

applause for your collection of badges.


First of all: got my iPad :DSecond of all, THANK YOU


With that expression as your profile pic, it looks like you're being sarcastic. :smile:



...That's really cool....


:stuck_out_tongue: too lazy to change profile pics.


What happened to the iPad? :0 and welcome back!


(rings bell)
Who wants da news? XD


Ooh! I do! How much?


The price: reading the forum :P



at least then I get a post read count like yours...


Me, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
has anyone made a discussion about coding Mancala?
If not, then I'll gladly….


Thank you so much, @Anonymous! :D

You are awesome! :D

Here's all the positive badges... And trophies! :D


I nominate myself as the coder with my toes! Nobody here has more toes than me. NOBODY. Lol. Sounds wierd :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't think so. Not on the forum at least.



It's actually possible. How would you know that No one else has more toes than you?


I don't have more toes, but I do have a Morton's toe! (second toe is longer than first)


I neatened it up a bit. The boldness was very bold.


Bot please lol