Forum Anniversary Soon


The Forum will be 2 years old soon!

We should have a party to celebrate.

A forum party is basically a topic where you can be off topic in for 1 day, and we celebrate whatever the holiday/occasion is. You can share your holiday/occasion projects and collab, talk about the event, etc. Previous parties have gone successful, and they should continue to be successful since it's a privledge.

Last year, the party was hosted by KiwiCute.

This year, someone else will create it. Who will it be?

If you want to make the topic, then post below cause no one does currently.

Good luck.



Ooh this sounds great! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I won't make the topic, though




I think that somebody from summer 2016 should host it


tru tru


Man, I remember the last one! That was awesome! Looking forward to another one, although there won't be as many people :(


What day is the 2 year anniversary?


16th i believe


Gosh, the summer of 2016 was pretty great. XD


Two years. Wow.

that is all


why u so chill


Yay! Two years! :grin::grin::grin::grin:


yeah then everyone left






Um let's see...maybe a former leader?


they all left except for like 3


Oh ya I remember it! :DDD
When can we have it?
I'm going to start collecting my GIFS!


Yorp, but this year is pretty cool too


I don't think we should argue on who should lead it and what. Oh! Maybe @t1_hopscotch! Since she is a mod! And last year it was hosted by a leader.