Forum and User questions



I have two questions:

1. Does the Hopscotch forum page behave strangely on your iPads? On mine, when posting or editing a post, the teensy editor window jumps all over the place, when I make some edits, often going completely off the screen. And I have no idea why it's doing that. Does it do that for you? Any way to get control of it?

2. I see activity from "A Hopscotcher" occasionally, when I click on the lightning bolt symbol at the bottom of the Hopscotch app home screen. Often, it's repeated activity - doing the same thing over and over. So, is "A Hopscotcher" an actual user name? Or is that a name assigned to multiple people who have chosen to perform activities anonymously?



As to what I know...

1) On my iPad the text box when I write replies or posts is jumps around a bit, but it isn't too glitchy. I don't really know a way to fix this..

2) "A Hopscotcher" is an anonymous username given to a person who is on their iPhone. Because you can't create projects on the phone, it calls you A Hopscotcher to anyone you gave a like or follow to.

I hope I helped!


Same with me !!!!!!!!!!!


It's very annoying!!!


Thank you, @CreativeCoder.


The Forum is glitchy when I am on my IPad too, it is so annoying, I wish their as a solution to the problem.


Hi @oio, what @CreativeCoder says is right. "A Hopscotcher" is just the name given to profiles on iPhones.

The reply box jumping around is a bug to do with iOS 8 I think. It's not too bothersome to me and the Discourse staff are aware of it and here's a reply about this:

The discussion is from this post here.


Thank you for the further explanation, @t1_hopscotch. With or without a remedy, what I have read from you and the others has given me the answer I was after - namely, whether all the jumping around is unique to my situation. Sounds like it is not.


number 1 happens to me ALL THE TIME!


What's strange, though, is that my text box jumps around and I'm on iOS 7. I guess it's even worse on 8


1 Same here withy upas and when I make a cater dory I find it hard to press help
2 a hopscotcher is someone who plays on the iPhone


I can't make topics on my iPad so I have to email the photos from iPad
When I try to use a category I keep on scrolling!
It's very annoying!