Forum and Hopscotch guessing game



What anime are you watching?


Noragami Aragoto. I already finished the first one


I might check it out myself, I seem to watch every anime that I see others watch.


Did you watch regular noragami? You should watch that before watching the other one


No, but I have heard good opinions about it in school.
So I'll have to watch it before...


25...25... Posts on this topic....

We are definitely off topic.

I just can't believe it.


Wait. Maybe we should talk on talk to a hopscotcher?


Probably XD

I'm new to "XD", so sorry if I use it in a different way than I'm supposed to...???

Whatever, we should talk on there instead.


The Green Banana :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Lemme guess…
What is @KatrinaPlays's fave project?
Sowwy but I didn't really get the rules…
Since this is a chain game, there should be less people saying that this needs to be more Hop related and more people playing this game!:wink: