Forum and Hopscotch guessing game



So I saw a few other people doing this...

Well nvm, not THIS.

What this is is you have to guess the questions I give you.
If you answer incorrectly, I will barge into one of your topics and explain why I joined hopscotch.
And THAT is one of my long essays!
I will get you...

If you answer correctly, I will not make posts that are off topic on your topics for how long you want!

And get a follow!

These are going to be questions about me on hopscotch and the forum.
And also other things related!

If you were wondering how this is hopscotch related

New rule: After someone guesses the question correctly, there will be a new question.

Question of the day!:

Why do I post so many un-related posts?

Um... Is this better @tankt2016


This topic=

NO hit.


Okay, if you want to be kept away from regular for five months from flags, go ahead!

I will watch you…

And this seems to be 75% Len-related and only 25% Hopscotch-related.

Please keep it at least 75% Hopscotch-related.


No, you did not. That's a guess.


Uh... Uh...

Len, what should I do...




Ditto @tankt2016 ...


Okay, correct!

So, um...


No. Len. Posts.

This one kind of sucked though.


How about

Kawaii ditto


@TheGreenBanana, HS username?


10th post

Why is this special


Honestly, IDK.

I thought this would fail.


Nice work there, bub.


Why did I post my post.

Everybody knows the answers start now, imma delete it.


And I will find you :0


I guess nice work, I guess I won't post Len stuff that much.
At least one post, please!
I can't help it.


Ok, I will keep this hopscotch related!
I hope...


I will.
So many posts in this topic though.


Omg it's such a tiny screen :c

Whenever you post your question I'll do it



(The flags could still land in effect, though.)


Um.. Ok!