Forum Age Restriction Discussion 2


Continuing the discussion from Forum Age Restriction? :0

The last topic was flagged for being off topic, and I would like to continue the discussion here. :D
Please don't get off topic, and let's try to stay respectful and not get out of control with this crisis.

Are we allowed to make a second version of a flagged topic, if it was flagged for only a few posts being off-topic? If not, I'll recycle this topic, but I don't think that's the case here.

Click the blue link above to read the introduction to the problem.

@Liza @meg @Rodrigo @Thomas @Asha


I have one thing to say about this.

I'm pretty sure that's only a rule for the discourse forum, not ours.


But, couldn't THT have the power to change it in some way?
What you said could be a possibility though! :D


I'm pretty sure it's a legal thing, so no...


Wait the guidelines here? Can you link it?


I'm not sure what you mean by that...the Community Guidelines, or the Terms of Service?


Where did you find that? The age restriction thing? What website.


Click here to read the Terms of Service. It's in the second paragraph, last sentence. If you clicked on the original topic, I've posted a screenshot and highlighted the sentence! :D @MrHotdog64


I think that would be ok. (To make this topic again)


Okay! Also, a question: if one of my topics gets flagged, does that count as a flag towards me? I don't think I did anything wrong, so I'm a bit confused.


I don't think it's official, the official one was made by Liza I believe.

This is her fourm not discourses, well the rules I mean, it technically I said discourses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Do you know where the official one made by Liza is?


It definitely applies here on this forum, and they have to keep it. But no one really cares about it. They could be sued, but it's highly unlikely.


Yes, counts as a flag towards you.


But I didn't do anything wrong! :0
Sorry, I'm distressed. Are you sure? None of my original posts got flagged.


Do you think why the hopscotch team has not replied to this?


Nope, just the people who got flagged.


Yeah. They aren't legal peeps. They probably know just as much about COPPA as we do.


Thank goodness! :sweat_smile:
So am I breaking the law by being on the forum if I'm not 13 yet..?
I'm dead serious.


Does the law apply to people in other countries too