Forum Age Restriction? :0


I know a lot of us are under 13 (including myself,) and I thought it was allowed, but in the Terms of Service, it says:

Does that mean, that if we are under 13, we are not allowed to use the forum?
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Forum Age Restriction Discussion 2


Well I really don't know!

But I am 11

Bout to turn 12


So when ppl say don't be mean cause there are little kids on here. Well they aren't even supposed to be on so don't use that Arguement


That's not 13... :D


I know

I just saying!


In 5 months so I count it


That's not technically 13, though. According to the Terms of Service, I'm not supposed to be on here either... :crying_cat_face:
EDIT Argh, I deleted that post. Now it looks like I posted something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn't that mean since you aren't supposed to be on here, THT can't help you if anything horrible happens?



I didn't even see that rule when I joined

I'm only 10 yrs old D:



Maybe ;-;


Me neither! :D
Maybe they did, but I always click, "I agree to the terms and services" without reading it. Maybe I missed it.


How did u highlight the part?

Sry off topic


Yes and all under agers will be exterminated

No its probably not enforced if so.


Yea me tooooooo.....

Way to lazy to spend time on reading big giant paragraphs XD


I'm on a laptop, and it's sort of old so I don't know if new laptops have it, but it's an application called Snipping Tool. (it came with my laptop)
Basically, you can 'snip' part of your screen, sort of like a screenshot, but you can control what you screenshot. One of the tools is a highlighter, so I just highlighted it. :D


Yeah, I'm pretty sure THT knows that a lot of us are under age, but they haven't done anything.


Oh ok

dang it I'm on iPad


I noticed this a while back. I didnt think much of it, because even though it says otherwise, it was designed for kids.


this doesn't affect me so bye



so everyone below 13 please leave :smiley: