Forum Acronyms? Eg: Irl, OMG, lol


Yikes! I hope you don't take it as a wrong way! It was just a friendly reminder. Of course, as you are an older member of the forums, you probably understand, but some people might feel that it goes under the same topic. I personally think that it could be good both ways, as it is an add-on as well as a completely new helpful topic to those who don't know the meanings.
Maybe instead of saying "search before you post", we could make it friendlier by saying, "I think that there might already be a topic for this. What do you think?"


Search before you post because im getting really at something something something....


I mean the ones I said before, gtg, tmi, and jk


Yes im newer youre older @friendship2468 i didnt mean to take it the wrong way

also im 10 and a half my bday is in a few days so dont ruin it :sob:. More like 3 quarters


Bae=before anyone else/ bacon and eggs


SCB I'm not gonna ruin your birthday...

Unless I have to, which I don't want to


Ahem spell check.....


What, nothing is spelled wrong


Did you mean BAE? Instead of Bad?


You said "bad" which I thought was super funny
Pro tip: the word of the year was Emoji and the emoji of the year was :joy:


@Kiwicute2016 I love this new way, the "search before you post" was getting a little offending to some users, as I have found :wink:


Oh, I was replying to f4lo :blush:.


Oops :joy: autocorrect strikes again!


I like your new pic.


Embarrassing autocorrect story with bae:
I was texting my friends about a sleepover, and they said they were inviting, let's just call her Isabella. Isabella's my friend, so I tried to say
Isabella is bae, but instead it autocorrected to
Isabella is bad
I don't even know how many times they got mad at me :joy:
Off topic though(I think)


What do you mean when you tagged me "I want to keep it personal?"


I mean, you told us that your cat passed away in the date 0219 and I thought it was going to be offensive or mean towards you if I added it to the conspiracy, so I didn't


Brb=be right back
Afk= away from keyboard (or iPad)


Gtg=got to go