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When you were a new user, did you ever make a topic and be told “SBYP” or “Come to my GT to talk”? Chances are, you didn’t know what that meant. Well, here’s to all the new users, so they do know!
Forum abbreviations and what they stand for

Here are some of them:
HSF-hopscotch forum
THT-the hopscotch team
OMTL-official mass tag list
CMTL-club mass tag list
FMTL-friend mass tag list
TTYL-talk to you later
SBYP-search before you post
GT-general topic
IRL-in real life
RL-real life
GTG-got to go
TYSM-thank you so much
TSM-thanks so much
BOT-back on topic
GBOT-get back on topic
LGBOT-let’s get back on topic
NLGBOT- now let’s get back on topic
OP - original poster (of a topic)
ASAP- as soon as possible
PFP - profile pic

Those are a few to start-but I know there are probably much more out there! If you have any more abbreviations, edit them below!
BRB- be right back
TBH- to be honest
IDK- I don’t know
IDC-I don’t care
ATM: At the moment
BTW- by the way
SMH- shaking my head
GOAT- greatest of all time
ROFL- rolling on the floor laughing
WBU- what about you
HBU- how about you
TYVM- thank you very much
TYSM- thank you so much
JK- just kidding
OML- oh my life
TY- thank you
XD (or xD) - lol (or this face :laughing:, but sideways)
LOL-laugh out loud
IKR-I know right
IK-I know
OMG-Oh my gosh
IHNC-I have no clue
IRHNC-I really have no clue
Q&A-question and answer
AMA-ask me anything
MTFBWY-may the force be with you
FT- Facetime
FB- Facebook
TD- Thermostat Drawing(when you draw a thermostat)
TDP- Thermostat Drawing Party (when you have a party and draw thermostat)
POMTL- project official mass tag list
PM- private message
IMO -in my opinion
WTH- what the heck
ILY- I love you
ILYSM- I love you so much
SM- so much
RN-Right now
AFAIK- as far as I know
HW- homework
These are used more often on the app:
FTU-free to use

These are topic exclusive:
TUBM-the user below me
MHUI- my Hopscotch username is
DOPCTI- Drawing On Paper Compared To IPad (The Drawing Topic)

Also, I know that there was a topic before this that was similar to this. Before you tell me to SBYP, read the following paragraph:
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The previous topic that was about forum abbreviations was short, and well, abbreviated. This one will have more abbreviations than the last, and the other topic kind of died, but I think it’s concept is important. I know I could just revive the previous topic, but I believe creating a new one will be more effective.



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