Fortune Teller Challenge



Hey guys! I was challenged by my dad to code a fortune teller inside Hopscotch, and I wanted to personally challenge a few capable coders who I think need to try:

Good luck to those I have challenged, and I have now a few rules.
1. Finished Fortune tellers are to be posted on the forum AND on hopscotch under the #games tab.
2. If I end up making a customizable sequel...some of YOUR fortune teller word sets (with your consent) might be used.
3. If it's not fun to make, it doesn't HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!


Thanks for tagging me! :0

I don't know if I could do this, as I have a lot on my plate. XD

Get it, on my plate, because 'fortune teller' is kind of like 'fortune cookie' XD Forget it lol

This sounds so fun! :0

I really wish I could do it. ;-;


Woah thanks for including me!

What kind of fortune teller? I'm up for it!


Good idea, sadly magmaPOP quit though.


MagmaPOP left. He has about 1,234 notifactions


Fortune tellers like the ones used as cootie catchers by small children.


Sorry I supplied an answer so late.