Form Car Inspiration 2.00


So I was inspired by a YouTube video I watched the other day! They were talking about how we should start bringing real life things on to our social medias. This got me think of what I could do to help this person do this. But before I get into to that let me explain why she said that this would be important. First Thing: We would be bringing real life situations and stuff into our social life. Second Thing: We could learn lessons about real life if we would do this.Last Thing: This would be so much fun! So now that we talked about why let us talk about how!

How We Do Forum Car

We will be having people code some of the car elements to help us make our forum car! For example, there could be an engine that someone codes, they will make the code the engine in there own way!

Aux Cord

Here you will be coding songs that you like and stuff, you get it right?

People in Aux Cord Group

Steering Wheel

Here you will code a steering wheel in your own creative way, you get it right?

People in Steering Wheel group

That's all for now Have a Great Day



I wish I can join but I unfortunately can't because of my tight schedule


Everything good! The only thing is you code it and they your done but if you still don't want to I'm fine with that!


Can we make this think up and running again?!? THE ANSWER ALWAYS IS YES WE CAN




Can we start this bad boy up again???


@CoffeeCake Okay, let me see, I probably will not be too active. But I hope I can help sometimes.


Ok, Sounds great thanks! @Work_kids_coding Can you like umm get your friends on here I need this to get running again!


@CoffeeCake Right now I am making a game but I will be trading drafts with AHappyCoder and then I can help…

I will try, they are a little busy…


@CoffeeCake Do you have a basic idea of how the car will look?


I want it to look welcoming kinda like to show people how we are nice and hopsotch is welcoming!