Forgot Your Password? Then Please See This Post



So I've Been Seeing A Lot Of Stuff About People Forgetting There Password. So If You Need An Assistant To Tell You Your Password, Then Email The Hopscotch Team At That Way It Would Be More Private. Also, Make Sure You Have All The Capital - Uppercase Letters And Lowercase Letters Corrected.


That's an excellent idea, @HopscotchArtAndGames! I actually told @Ian in one of the New Update topics. He was online so it was easy for the admins to send me a private message through the notifications. They will create a new password for you! The email works great, also!


I already made a post about this!


Why can't there be a forgot password button and then you answer 10 personal questions and then it tells you your password


@Gabe_N I think it'd be good to have a Forgot Password button, but I think 10 personal questions wouldn't really work. Because what if someone like your sibling or someone else who knows you really well does that and (for some reason) sabotages your account (saying bad things, etc.) just to make you look bad?


Well then you have to have 2 passwords and each one has to be unique so it can't be one that was used!


Check Out Their Web Site :smiley:

Hopscotch Website


Well, when I created my account I did not have an email. They cannot email me my password. @system can you help. I can not log in :frowning: