Forgot hopscotch account password



@Liza , @Asha @Alish @Ian I need help. I seemed to have forgotten my password on my hopscotch account! What do I do?


If you can, email the hopscotch team for a password reset and they will send you the link


I don't have an email, and my parents don't allow me to use theirs:sob:


Oh..... Ummm...... I hope they respond! I don't know another way:(


If you set up an email when you were first creating your account you should be able to press the "I forgot my password" button.

If not then you may have to 1 email The Hopscotch Team or 2 make a new account. :frowning:


I have one but make a new ac.m


I forgot mine too! I am SmileyPanda:panda_face: On hopscotch. I have never logged off of my account until today to get on a collab account. Now I don't know my password. I was working on a really big project on hopscotch too. Now all my work is gone. I didn't tell the hopscotch team my email when I started my account so I can't email them for my password. I am so scared I'm going to loose my accounts

@Liza, @Ian, @asha, @alish, @BuildASnowman, @Follow4LikesOfficial, @PopTart0219, and any other leaders please help me and @imaginationPOP9!


If you log off, then go to the login page, there's a button that says "I forgot my password!" Click that, then they will email you :slight_smile:


You have to use your email for that though. The hopscotch team doesn't know my email.