#Forever ARTers



We all love art, don't we? I've created a little thing called #Forever ARTers, and this is the way it works. Every week, I pick an artist and contact the, to see if they'd like to make a drawing for this. If they say yes, then they should create a project named #Forever ARTers(# of week, i.e Week4,) with they're drawing in it. I'm so excited for this to kick off! Hope you enjoy! :smile:


There should be multiple artists drawing the same thing! They will all be different versions of each other :smiley:


Thats a cool idea! I don't want it to be too similar to an art club challenge though..but I might put it to use!


Can I join this it sounds really fun!


Can I join how do we know when somebody is picked?


Sure! I can put you up for week one.


I'll tell you if your picked. You can do it for week 2 if you want!


i will join! @OnceUponATime


Can I be in? My hopscotch user is vanilla powder!


I can join, I'm Tappy​:wink::point_up_2:🏻мℓρ on hopscotch...


Cool! You can do week three!


You can do week four


You can do week five.


I'll join!


You can do week six.


So will you give us a heads up on our week?


yup! Don't worry. Everything is sorted out.