#Forever ARTers artists



Week one: @KawaiiAnimeLuver
Week two: @MoonlightCoder
Week three: @ColourfulBlack
Week four: @Deadfr
Week five: @TappymLP
Week six: @tankt2016
Week seven: Me! :smile:
We all are super excited for this! You can still join up for this, if you want!


So what am I supposed to do?


I'm going to make a topic called week one: #Forever ARTers- @KawaiiAnimeLuver , with a short description of this project. Then, you have to comment with several of your own drawings and a little captions of them. Whatever drawings you want.


Okay! It's on the forum not on Hopscotch right?


you make your drawings on hopscotch, then post them on the forum.


easy as pie, amirite?


Ok got I got it! Thanks!!!