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Welcome to Foraboom this is a facebook like social media!

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@Strongerthanyou- Write in this forum write here:
Bio-my name is cupcakes and I just wanted to say I fart sprinkles :3

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You need to write your social media username and then you may make a post

How to make an faraboom account

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Hot to get boomers

boomers are followers you basically have to write your username then say sent @system a bomber account!


Anyone want to join foraboom because if not i will recycle topic!


Look at bio immediately XD


Everyone's is copying snoopy and me now :frowning:


What are they copying


@snoopy and @friendship2468 created social media stuff, like instagram,


It's okay, it's a free idea and it's great everyone's making one. I just hope we can all make little edits to the idea so everyone's will be a little different.


@cash I know your friendship


Thanks for signing up here! @Strongerthanyou


Your welcome!


Everyone knows that she's
And many more


And what does that prove?
@Jess888 do not list my accounts please.


I did that ages ok btw....... everyone knows but he/she was confused k.


Uh, two hours ago isn't "ages."


Whatever cash I'm not starting arguments I suggest we drop this now!?.


Hey.... lol, it feels weird to be back on the forum, I'm never active


Heeeey sup beasty... haven't seen u around


Username- bubblymice
Password- miitomofantage
Bio- I like trains


Yeah, school and stuff gets in the way a lot... FOODY is like "YESS! I finally managed to Quit HS!"


Lol u know him then tell him I said gud luck in life I never got to reply to his bye topic! I struggle quitting lol