For those of you who don't know [closed]


For a second I thought you were coming out :p


Thanks :)



I don't think you are trying to hard to be a leader, In fact, I think you are just a very mature and helpful person who genuinely deserves leader. I know some people say that, but haters gonna hate.

Please stay


Nuu ;-;
I dislike how people keep accusing you of changing to be a leader ;-; your being a really helpful part of the community and they just don't see that ):

Just remember your an amazing person! :D
secretly I've always really wanted to be your fren :3


There are no cool kids
Cool kids is plural
Therefore you use "are" instead of "is"


@malie nooooooooo don't leave ;-;


I think you are great and would make a great leader!

Don't listen to other people, you are amazing!

pls dont leave


You are a true leader, with or without the badge.


You could not have explained my own feelings better. You may not believe me, but for the second reason why you're leaving, I completely understand how you feel. I spend hours scrolling through the drawing topic posts hoping that when I post one of my "masterpieces," I'll get genuine praise/criticism like everyone else seems to do.
I understand that that is enough to make someone not want to stay. As for the other part, I bet it's just people who need something to complain about, just like all the negative-ness about Jacob Sartorious or Hillary Clinton or any famous person who gets bad feedback. People just need something or someone to yell at, so in some crazy function of the fates, you ended up being in that bad spot. I think you, just the way you are, would make a great leader.
Thanks for hanging out on the forum. I respect your decision if you want to leave, and I'll miss you dearly, as will the whole of the drawing topic.
If you ever consider staying, you have a friend right here.


@Malie could you at least tell us what's wrong?

I really wish you didn't leave please don't so many people adore you! Plus your just - this much closer to being a leader! Please please please don't leave! I love you! I love how nice you are how well you go with the fourm! Please!!!!!!!!!!


Bye, @Malie. I never saw those people hating on you, but I'm still very sorry that happened. I remember you replied to one of my topics once, and you had great advice. I think it's really cool you're a published author. I've always looked up to you.
I can't believe anybody did what they did to you (hating and excluding).
You deserve so much more!


I thought you were trying to be leader, but you weren't. Sorry :D

Sometimes I feel like people think that about me. But I don't know XD

I feel a bit left out from cliques too.

Happy Travels


No, it is very good, but changing one's personality to be a leader is bad.

Says me.


Nooo! Please don't leave us! You're an awesome person!

I never see you trying super hard to be leader. I just think you're a Leader naturally - maybe without realising :wink:

And we're friends, right? At least I hope so, German student of mine :smiley:

Please stay @Malie


I would like to be leader, but it's not my focus on the forum. I'm just here to give help, get help, and have fun.

I had been feeling all this, but the main reason I wrote this is because u was really upset because my grandpa died. It kinda made me lash out and scream and, ya.

Malty conninces me to stay :D



Ok, bye :-(. I respect your decision. I never got to know you that well, but I love your coding! You are so awesome!


guise, this topic is super old.

(@SmilingSnowflakes can u close?)