For those of you who don't know [closed]



Sort of friends so u guys know



Ok sure what


Malie, is everything alright


Oh my gersh what is going on


No everything's not alright.



I've always wanted to be noticed by the cool kids, I know exactly how you feel :0

I'll always be here if you need a friend, any time. :3

You're a spectacular person, don't forget that :DD


Yes, I have been told I was trying to get leader and changed to get it. It hurts, and I respect your decision. Goodbye, @Malie.


I won't try to change your decision.
But I will let you know that I relate (at least to the clique part)
I just kinda tell myself that I can be my own clique
But I get it, it hurts sometimes.
As for the leader thing, I don't think you ever changed, and honestly, I don't think anyone should be shamed even if they are changing their personality to be leader. That's just my opinion though.
I hope you know that you will be missed.
Bye <3 <3


There are no :cool: kids! D:

We are all just coders alike! Nothing makes us different, not even the amount of likes you get, or plays.. It doesn't make anyone a :cool: kid. XP

Everyone is a :cool: kid. :D

You are a cool kid @Maltese, same with you @Malie. :D



Thanks. XD


I'm sorry to hear about this.

I understand all your reasons. Well, I know those people who telling you that you are trying too hard to be leader. It makes me sad. And angry. Sometimes I want to yell at their faces. But all you have to do is defend yourself. Stay strong. Say:

"@_________, please stop. You are hurting my feelings very deeply. You are making me sad. Is it okay if you please stop talking about his? All you gain is a flag from me. Please don't say that. Im not trying too be leader. I'm a published author, and I can talk muturley. Maybe it's too mature for you. Stop saying that, or I'll flag you every time."

For the second part, you can always join me, because I have no clique as well. Do you want to be friends?


Please don't. I'm soooo sorry. I'll delete my post. I would LOVE it if you were a leader. I'm so sorry. I feel really bad now. What I said wasn't true. Pleeeeaassseee don't leave!!!!



Well ok I'll miss you a lot.


It was really nice of you to apologize. I know that would make me feel better if my feelings were hurt. :)

@Malie, I'm really sorry you're leaving. I usually don't post much in leaving topics, but you were one of the nicest people on the forum. I never agreed with what mean things other people were saying, but I should of stood up for you more. 1 small tip, though. If people are rude to you, don't resort to their methods. If someone says you are acting to much like a Leader, then don't tell them that they are acting to much like a Leader. The 1 time I was accused of acting to much like a Leader, it really hurt. I'm really, sincerely sorry. I hope you come back, but I respect your decision. I wish you luck with your acting, writing, and life. :)
Goodbye, @Malie.


You're Leaving? Why Are So Many People Leaving ;-;


Is it bad to act a like a leader?




Bye @Malie:worried:
Don't care too much what other people says, really. I mean it.
You are a Leader without a badge


I'm sorry for everything. And I'm also sorry about the fact that this will probably be no help at all, as I'm replying kinda late and I can barely talk to people, but, I hope that for the most part, you do have a good life. You honestly seem like a nice person, which is something you don't see too often. The fact that your getting h.ated on for trying to care about the forum is just awful. I don't really want you to go, but I can respect your decision to leave. So I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for everything you've done here, and if you do leave, I hope you do great things.


Miss you...