For the Hopscotch Writers :)



Hopscotch isn't just coders and artists- we have the authors, too. So far, I think I'm the only one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!
But that's okay. That is what this is for. (If you were wondering, What am I doing here? Oh-oh-oh here, oh-oh-oh here, oh-oh-oh I ask myself what am I doing here?)
I have some tips and tricks for all of you growing authors!
1. Never be repetitive. It bores a reader, which is why I LOVE Divergent so much. It uses good repetitivity-


"I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to- Tobias won't let me. He'll be here. He'll remember me. Please. Please. It'll be okay. Please."

It shows suspense, drags you in. Bad is, Elephants are cool. Yeah. Elephants are cool.
2. SHOW, don't TELL! Biggie. My second grade teacher, Rebecca Victoros, told me to be descriptive. It helps. For example, in The Maze Runner Series, book 3, The Deat h Cure, James Dashner very well (A little too well) describes Newt's deat h. (;-; i cri evrytiem).


"His eyes softened, as if the last hint of sanity returned to them. 'Please, Tommy. If you've ever been my friend, kill me. Save me from the fate of going crazy.' A pause to take a breath, 'Please,' Newt said softly. Thomas pulled the trigger."

  1. Enjoy writing. While you write, you should enjoy it. Take it as happiness. Or else... your story will be bad. :blush:
  • imma writer!
  • you inspire me to be one
  • never have, never will




Great tips! I'm already a writer myself, the only problem I have is....


But, but but,.... :cold_sweat:
Oh well, back to writing meh story
I was already writing one before this, but I guess I'll post it here as well as hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can't like so here :heart:


I love writing. I have a cool book in mind but I forget how I write it so
well ;-;


Changed it... added spoiler alert XD
I swear I will give you $100 if u dont cri when Newt dies
but also a punch XD


Sorry @LotsaPizza I didn't cry... I got sad but no cry


I'm making a Hunger Games short story with my OC Kris


I...... have......., prequel to a another paper that I wrote in 3rd grade. I love to write. I will sometimes to start making ideas in a notebook of mine every week, then I sort it out in every ending of a month of witch one I will want to keep on writing!(p.s, I will start it next month!)

  1. You wrote someone's full name.
  2. Always plan the ending before you plan/write the middle of a story.
  3. Never drag a story for too long, it'll get worse and worse, and you'll run out of ideas.


Great tips @LotsaPizza!
I like to write but I don't write on Hopscotch.
Should I post what I write on Hopscotch?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't care



R U Heartless???

@Phase_Studios cool! I'm writing a book, on 124th page :wink:
(That took me liak a year XD)


Speaking of writing, how about this: we release the book now, (it's going to have a major cliffhanger obviously) but it can count as several books! @CreativeCoder


Didn't cry! OH NO, this is not going to end well with you! At least I get $100!!!!!!! Woo-hoo and alos ow!


She never said US dollars

It could be LotsaPizza money
Or Donald Trump Currency


U read the Deat h Cure?? @PopTart0219 @Phase_Studios if you read the book, you'll wail, oh you will. One of my friends HATES Newt and she set the book down and sobbed when he died ;<;


People only split books because 1. They want extra $$$, 2. They want to make their readers suffer, or 3. They want their books to be short.


I've never cried during books. The only time I've cried was the first time I saw The Hunger Games and it was when rue ⚰


Yeah I read all of them, but The Kill Order bored me so I stopped reading it


And yes I am in 5th grade XD