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Continuing the discussion from Does Anyone Want To Do A Collab:
:arrow_up:️This is a link for a topic I created and someone was rude on it. It was flagged but the person re-posted it! I don't know what to do! Please take a look at the link and The Hopscotch Team please advise.@Liza,@Meg and @Rodrigo.


Just ignore him and move on what your doing​:slight_smile:


I just took it down for you. Hopefully he doesn't repost it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I am not stupid.
I can see this topic when you link it to my post.

Dude, what is with you, I know you as this cool, chill, awesome and beloved Hopscotcher, are you ok. I am kinda scared. Tell me if anything is wrong.



I don't share personal information for yo information.

I understand, just worried, I don't want you to share anything, just tell me if there was a reason for this or not. Sorry for asking.



Please don't use the wink emoji against me.

I am done typing twice, just, please stop replying to me.


Hi @laser_eyed_puppy!
I wasn't on forum when you made the collab anyways could you please tell me the password for NeonKitkatCoders
That would be really appreciated!
Btw this has nothing to do with this topic


i will write in a riddle like this it is the thing we are doing... ******

the stars are the missing letters. if you can't get it i will remix one of your projects and in the code the password will be there. @Dolphin_coders + @Kitkat26!

Hi it won't show in remixes or your account remix from our accounts because it's not showing

Phase Admin, please stop trolling everybody.