FOR THE Almighty Hamill



So ummm I made a prp for @POWA and @Jordan and it was pretty fun so umm I’m doing prp requests. I would do them kinda like how mine is currently. You can ask me to either do your username in English or Aurebesh. Aurebesh being how my prp is now. My white decals is white things around the edge so the prp isn’t just a circle.


Main color:
Any white decals:
English, Aurebesh or no username:

So that’s all I guess.
@OMTL because I badly want people to request this from me.

because it relates to forum usernames.

I'm trying to find a profile picture for my account
I'm trying to find a profile picture for my account

Can you make me one ?!


Sure… fill out form.


Awesome topic!

I’m fine with mine, though

But I’m sure a lot of people want some cool pfps!


Main color’s : purple and black
Any white decals: sounds cool sooooo sure dude
English please
I want a cat






OMG it’s amazing thank you so much!!!


Wow this is cool! I might request one later on…


Ya I guess (could it be pink if u could or another shade of blue)
English idk what that part of form is but whatever
Any color puppy’s in the background




Main color: Lime green
Decals: Cookies?
English username, but can you make it “Cookie”? I’ll use it on a different account.
Extras: Chocolate chip cookie emojis


Sorry if you’re busy you can do it whenever you have time.


I’ll take one.

Main color: purple and teal.
Decals: Marshmallows and my insignia?
Username: FluffyMarshy
Extras: .





Ok to all that actually care about getting their request done.

I am temporarily closing the requests. Otherwise I am going to fail my finals!!! So please wait before requesting again. Thanks! Currently working on those who have requested before.

Nindroid what does u mean by High Galactic! (Here’s to hoping I don’t have to learn ANOTHER language)

@Petrichor so, its an alternative form of writing/speaking. It looks SORTA like aurebesh. Unfortunately for you, I only do English, Spanish or Aurebesh so you can have Aurebesh. (no one will give me the actual cheat sheet on which letters are what.)


As a fellow artist I totally understand.
Work at your own pace. And don’t fail your test.


Google it porgsporgs


Thx Fluffy. I plan on not failing the tests. You very inspiring.


Wow really?

All I said was ‘don’t fail your test’ X3