For Some Reason I Don't Have Great Topic...Forum Glitch?


yeah, I wasn’t getting badges from the drawing topic since it was in random stuff, so I’m hoping because I switched it back that they’re coming back ;PP


For some reason I have earned good topic on my General topic about 10 times…


Lol, that is weird, maybe you keep changing the category


This happened to me, yet with 2 replies


I never get great topic badges. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
I only get nice topic badges on my posts.


You get Great Topic when the first post of your topic receives 50 likes, it is relatively hard to get.





Yeah, also the topic can’t be in Random Stuff


For some reason I can’t get Great Topic back!


Its anoyong cause i thing tht blocks you from getting certan badges on certin topics/catagories. Like on the drawing topic you can’t get nice reply


Is this your back up account @PartTimeFemale


It’s her name backwards.


Yes I get it I am not dumb


But why’d you ask?

Eh, never mind.




Lol my highest number of likes on a topic is like 38, on my goodbye topic. (Which became a flame war)


That makes me depressed, the fact that people only care when you leave


I know. When I leave I won’t make a big deal. I’ll just fade out.


Well, I clicked on your account and you have it now …


Yeah I got it back along with like 10 Good Replies