For Some Reason I Don't Have Great Topic...Forum Glitch?


So O have gotten 50 Likes on the first post in this topic I made, called Compliment A Hopscotchers, I am sure you have heard of it(maybe not lol) and for some reason, I haven’t gotten Great Topic, it has been about 2 days since I got it, and if you think it updates after a period of time, I got it 2 days ago, last week, last month, and last year. It would of probably updated by then.
@OMTL has this ever happened to you?


Lemme look. And sorry for being rude, but does it really matter?


No you aren’t being rude I am just wondering


Weird. I just think that great topic badge hasn’t been given out for a long time.


Let me check, weird though. I told people there should be a Bugs In The Forum category


This doesn’t belong in Bugs with HS


It probably just comes under the one I edited it to. It’s the closest one.


I troll u not. Plz keep it because THT ignore meta - forum.


Ok I let it be, last time it was earned was November


has anybody been getting badges lately? ;PP


Well, my alt account has been getting badges


@BlastFusion you know what the most ironic thing I have seen on the forum today?

So basically we don’t think anyone has been earning badges then I earn the nice topic badge🤣


I think it’s a glitch relating to the #random-stuff category

I was thinking of making a topic about this cause I haven’t received any ‘Nice Reply’ badges since November. And which which category was the topic in which I received a badge for?

Yes, not the #random-stuff category but in fact the #collabs-requests-competitions category

Yikes! Forum 🐜!

Maybe if I change the category maybe I will get it


Test it and see what happens.


It is I need Requests, Collabs and Competitions right now, nothing happening


Hmm okay. Maybe it won’t file through old badges? Check your profile to see if it’s given them to you without giving you notifications. Otherwise wait until another post gets a badge and it probably will show up, I imagine


Up I just got it now yay!



Well that solves the problem then. It’s just the forum category it gets placed in. Hopefully a fix will come to it soon


Ok, so changed it back, and then lost the badge, so I am keeping it permanent now in Collabs, Requests, and Competitions