For SmileyAlyssa or anyone recieving hate



i made this project for you and everyone who is receiving hate @SmileyAlyssa
To Anyone Receiving Hate


that moment when you run out of likes :cold_sweat:



Omg thanks so much when i get back on my iPad i will like it ASAP!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!


Your welcome! i hope that it helps! and im so glad that you like it! sorry that the musics a bit weird... i tried to finish it before my ipad died


LOL its OK here is a like::heart:


yay i got a like on the first one!! now i have to wait 2 hours. when you become a regular do you get more likes?


i think so i think regular gives 100 likes... im not to sure tho


Shoot.I really need to get more!!! Im so happy im almost a regular!!!


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I cant wait for you to be a regular! counting down the days


Thanks so much here is another like :heart: :heart: :heart


LOL it will be around night time on Feb. 11!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!




February 11th! Wow! Soon, I'll be the only one not a Regular :pensive:


To all the haters out there we know you do it for attension so we won't bother you and here is something that I half to say

Although your being meen there is always a way to change it and all men are created equally!


Hey. :rage:

Not sure I'd talking to me or someone else who drew on my drawing pad, but either way I'm reporting!


So meen!


I reported it:wink: The haters gonna hate


That's so warming, you're super sweet as you have always been!
Whenever I make polls people always vote the negative option.


thats so mean! i reported it. Haters gonna hate.. are you okay?