For Liza only, or a moderator


Dear moderator.
Please delete my account. Thank you.


Ummm what?
Why sorry I had to snoop your my friend


My post is pending.
Soon You will see it.


@Liza pls delete my forum account.


@liza please delete my forum account.


Why are you so insistent?


Hey were we friends


you can do it urself.


Wait how


How how how

How now brown cow


I think youve read the topics of people doing this, and decided to jump on the bandwagon good luck


@liza never mind! Sorry!


you guys seriously flagged this, yikes


That is sad. Think about it more - do you really want that? And if you really do, Liza would most likely respond faster by email.

So you don´t want your account deleted then?


You can only delete your account if you are Trust Level 0…

@Ipokemon You’re an amazing artist! But why?

Oh okay then…