For @GreekGoddess2468


How do you do the moving thingy for your profile picture?


It's called a GIF!!!


I know but u have to sign up for it and we're not aloud to


Go to
It should be school iPad-friendly!


You don't have to sign up for anything? What do you mean?


Probably GIPHY, maybe? It's optional to sign in? Idk, i haven't used GIPHY yet..


1 You look up on google, um, purple (or the type that you want) gifs.
2. Then you click images. Once you see one that you like, click on it.
3. Do not take a screenshot. Instead, press and hold on the image. Two options will come up. Click the one that says Save Image.
4. Then. Go to your profile, you know how to do that? I'll tell you if you don't know, just ask me later. So. Click the little settings box. It's a gear that says preferences.
5. Scroll down a tiny bit, and you'll see your profile pic in a small circle. There's gonna be a pencil next to it.
6. Click the pencil, then click Upload Picture. Click Photo Library, then Camera Roll. Find the moving picture (called a gif) and wait for it to load. Then scroll down to the bottom of your screen. There will be a blue box that says Save Changes. Click that. And... Boom! You're done! I'll post the steps in pictures in a different post so it's easier.


  1. Like so!