For: @EnchantedAnimallover



Hey, I saw that you didn't know how to make one, well here it is!

- Opition 1
- Option 2
- Option 3
- Option 4 +
[/poll ]

PLEASE DONT VOTE! I WILL GET VERY ANGRY!:rage: Don't put a space in the [poll/] thing.


Thankyou, VanillaBlossom​:cherry_blossom:, for helping with this. But, why won't you just tell me! You're at my house....:disappointed:


Its great that your helping @EnchantedAnimallover! but just remember, there are many topic for polls. I suggest next time to maybe @ her on one of those topics :wink: To search use the aqua colored magnifying glass in the top right corner :smiley:


Okay thanks! Can someone close this? It is useless and stuff.


I think its fine to stay open! It will other help others before the make the same mistake :wink: :smiley: