For Dude73 (When dudey by accident clicked on this in progress. XD.)


Her birthday already passed

For Thedude

"Dude you is awesome, and deserves to get something awesome. Her birthday is tomorrow and she needs a birthday card! Why give a birthday card, when you can make a birthday topic! I will turn on global edit for you guys. Just type your username, below and that's all you need to do!



@Huggingfluffybear(Your awesome @Dude73)



She's pretty awesome. I agree. ^^

What type of card we makin'?


Do we each make her a card?


Just sign the topic by putting your name in. Global edit is on.



Could I make the card? :slight_smile:


Sure! Then you could post as a picture on this topic!


How will we be signing? Digitally, or through an image?


No. Just make a happy birthday card, then we will all tag her to this topic tomorrow.



I edited the title, is that okay? :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay. :D


Are you good with trail art?


I'm fine, but I'd rather use objects. Is that fine?


Yeah, that's fine. That'll be quicker anyways. It has to be done by tomorrow. It's ok if you don't finish it!


:frowning: We need more people to sign it! Or else this topic will look bad.


Yay! @Sensei_Coder signed it! And @Waffle_Draws signed it! :smiley:


And now we got sweetlina and Paige!


It will take a while for people to come, usually. But look, they are already coming! :smiley:




I'll invite people, and I'm practically finished with the card. Let's release it tomorrow afternoon, with the signatures. :)

I don't think it's possible for people to sign the card itself, but I coud make a post saying something like:

"Happy birthday, @Dude73! We have a card for you! [link here]

We, as in all of the people who are congratulating you. It's your birthday, after all. You've done awesome things for us. :)

[Insert list of people here]

Thanks, Dudey. This is our gift to you for what you've contributed to this forum. Enjoy your birthday while it lasts. ^-^

- Rawrbear"