For @benny29 and others may read


A little somthing i made for @benny29 :slight_smile:

B beautiful smile
E everyday is bright
N nice to me in many ways

I Intelligent :nerd:
S smile :wink:

S Smile make me smile :wink: :wink:
W Whenever I'm sad ur there
E Entire day with u
E empty handed without u
T True friend


That's so sweet! I bet he'll love this :smile:

@benny29 Come see this!


Thanks for liking it :slight_smile:


My school has to sing this at a assembly because this "special" singer is coming


@benny29 did u see the post?


I just saw. This has made my day


Go on the docs:) lemme tell u somthin


Yes I just saw. That is literally the coolest thing I have seen all day!




Nun there's somthing new