For all you writers out there


This isn't totally HS related, but I want to mention a writing challenge that is really cool, I'm doing it. It's basically you give yourself a word goal, around 5000-50,000 and you try to write that many words in the month of November. It's tough, but fun. It's called nanowrimo. Are any of you doing it? If so, are you writing HS related stories? I'd like to know! there is a forum, but you can't post if you are under 13. Like, you have to give your age and it won't post if your 12 or below. I would not suggest giving out usernames if you make an account, they have moderators, but you know, communication outside the forum. Tell me if this is not related enough, and ill recycle! :D


I checked out the website. I probably will use it. It sounds and looks really cool.