For all the newbies


Ok. So I see a lot of topics that are: I'm new to the forum or help I'm new. So here's everything you need to know. Hopefully.

Forum Tricks

Ok. So first to make the drop down you do
(details=Example) except instead of parenthesis you use brackets
Then you add your text
Then you add (/details) remember the brackets!

Next! Wanna make blurry text?
Simple. Remember to use brackets instead of parenthesis!
example text

Next! Want text to look like this?
Add a ` before and after your text.

Next! want slanted text? add underscores before and after text!

Next! want bold text? add ** before and after some text.


Want big text?

Go down a line and add two hashtags. Then your text.

Next! Wanna quote? Hit reply on the post and click the speech bubble in your post option area above where you're typing.

Next! Pictures. Click the console looking thing with an arrow to upload photos

Next! Links. Copy a link by going on hopscotch selecting the chain next to the amount of likes and then go here select the chain and paste the link. Then you can choose what the link will look like

Next! Ranks, well this is complicated... There are different ranks. Basic - member - regular - leader - and mod. That was from lowest to highest. @Kiwicute2016 has a topic about getting from member to regular. She tells you how far away you are and stuff.

Next! Tagging. To tag someone giving them a notification, do @ and then their username.

Next! Profile pic and bio. Go to your profile, go to summary, edit away!

Important things
  1. Read da guidelines
  2. Keep it hopscotch related!
  3. 2 is really important!

Some things you might see

Leaving ;n;
New projects
MAYBE something unrelevant

I hope this helped and if there is anything you'd like to add comment down below. Bubbles out!

Welcome to the Forum Combo! :D

Thanks this helps even though I'm like 2 minutes old


Welcome to the forum! :D


*Clap clap clap welcome! I'm glad this helped!


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Cool! I'll quote some of that when newbies come!


Reviving topic.