For A happy coder 😀 and friends


Hi @AHappyCoder this is a me and you and our friends chat Room

The Nostalgia Club

Thanks! I think collab room would sound better, so what do you want to make? I was thinking about maybe making an adventure game...


Ok invite as many friends that are on


I will do that to so you start the game and I will pop in


I'll have a look on the appstore...


Can we work at 5:40am tomorrow and let's do five nights at Freddy's 2


@AHappyCoder can you answer


Ok! I don't know where you though...


@AHappyCoder I live in the USA


I live in the state of Indiana


So set your uptime there I guess


Goodnight and do not let the bed bugs bite


Hi @Work_kids_coding and @AHappyCoder this is a collab right? Just remember to stay on-topic :smile:


If you are working on the project with us yes


@Work_kids_coding oh I was just saying remember to stay on-topic on this post. I don't have as much time for collaborations at the moment. Good luck with the project you're making!


I have no idea wha at collaboration chat Room is