Football Game Name Suggestions?! Poll Please Vote! 😉



Hey guys! I'm making a super cool Football- Themed Game for my next BIG project, and I need a name for it! :wink: I'm not going to give away any details, but if you can think of a great game, you may receive credit in the project! Thanks, -Uptown

EDIT: I want to take a poll on whether you should control the character with last touch or a joystick!

  • Last Touch X/Y
  • Joystick



Football showdown? (Taking space) username:Stick88


I'm guessing American football, correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, here's a name:

Hopscotch name:
(No space)


Oh, I forgot to mention something! If you suggest a name, can you please write down your hopscotch name! I want to be able to give you credit if I select yours. Edit: Yes, American Football :wink: :football:


Interception, Showdown, if I could have the broad idea of the game I could help you more :wink:

Can't wait for it!


Well, it's where you control one player on your team and you have to dodge players from the other team. :wink:


Well, I plugged "football" in an online thesaurus, and there's "Pigskin", "Gridiron" and "Pastime".

There's also... Clash, duel, skirmish, wallop, farce, amplitude, extent, field, volume, turf, lacuna, headway, extent, grassland, tillage, terrain...

So maybe try to make something cool with those words!