Football Game! (Advertising Staff and Musician Needed!)


Hey guys! I'm creating a one-of-a-kind super awesome (American) football game! The name of the game is "The Interception." I published the preliminary ad for the game Here. But to make this game truly special, I need YOUR help. If you would like to join the advertisement staff, write your name under this line.

But I also need some sweet (like chocolate) music for this game. It can be simple, or an entire opera. Some great musicians I would like to call forth are @Follow4LikesOfficial, @Snoopy, @comicvillestudios, and @BuildASnowman.
If you would like to create a piece of music, just title the project #USTI2016 and I might choose you. Put your name under this line if you are interested in creating music for this project.

Thanks so much for your help and support guys!


Could I help?? 202020


Thanks for requesting from me, but unfortunately, I'm too busy with other projects! I can help with small things,but I can't do a huge part like music!


So, I have a music book in front of me, so I was curios to know what kind of music you want?
Fast tempo?
Slow tempo?


Hey what can I do id love to help this sounds cool @UptownStudios


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I can help with advertisement :D


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I am going to create a piece of music for you! What kind of music do you want @UptownStudios?


All people who replied for advertising: Of course you can! The details:
Name: The Interception
About: Football
Coming: April Fools Day
With Special Music by ______


@CosineStudios @Phase_Admin Thank you so much! If you can I would like it upbeat, just a few notes is all. Make it something you guys would enjoy listening to while playing the game! Can you post the link when you're done? Thank you guys so much!


Ok! Thanks for the info! I will do it tomorrow.


May I be a musician?!


@BuildASnowman huh? HES DA BIIGEST HA- ahem sorry about that. My inner Flowey is taking over.
Can I be a advertiser @UptownStudios ?


I just read this... I'll try then...


@Razor Of Course! Just look at the details above!
@rawrbear @comicvillestudios That would be awesome! Just make sure to try and make the music like what I said above :thumbsup::wink:


He @UptownStudios, I thought of doing the NFL theme. How does that sound? Its a pretty cool piece, the challenge will be putting it into hopscotch... :wink:



That would be AMAZING!!!


Ok great! I see if I can do the @BuildASnowman trick.

I have to go now, so over the weekend would be the best time for me.



I've made some great progress! I still have about a line1/4 to go, but its almost done! It still has some kinks, so I'll publish it on sunday or Monday!

Cosine Studios