Foodie is back? @FoodDelivery might be back come for why I think that


So this was inspired by @Kitty4U I looked up @FoodDelivery's account and saw this!!!...

1) did someone hack him?
2) is he really back?
3) did he do this for likes?

I hope it is true that he is back!



This is fishy. We should wait until/if he posts and inspect it to see if it's really him.


Uhh yeah we already have a topic like this so do we really need another one?


Ha! I noticed this earlier, and it's just foodie doing what I would do.

Foodie is Back!

I really hope that he comes back, but you never know. However, FoodDelivery is one of my favorite hopscotchers (and many others too) so I woyld be really happy to see him and talk to him again :slight_smile:.
If you see this, @FoodDelivery, like this post please.


Ya check this out