FoodDelivery's project schedule



Sorry everybody, I won't be posting Hopscotch projects more than once or twice a week. It's too much for me, I have school, homework, family and much more that comes in front of Hopscotch. If you see a lack of projects, you now know why...


I feel ya. I'm not going to be active either bc of school stuff


I see


Got it. I can relate too...


What does HW mean?


Homework. (I think. XD)


Ok, thanks!


No problem! :D


little sneak peak: I am thinking of making a food trail art, like tea with bread or maybe some fruits. Might make different types of egg...


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Shoutouts on Hopscotch! (Weekly)

ooo u laik pizza? boughttt pizza oooooo

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his stoff is so good its like coco you know whatttt


Ok! Thanks for tagging me as the first one!


Okay thanks for telling uns!!


I don't post that much either and I don't have homework at all! Everyone has their own pace and their own skills. So the more time you put in a game, the better


Little sneak peak: I have made a game called Line Dodge that is coming out on the 19th of September (Eastern Time)