@FoodDelivery's Impersonator!


Okay, no funny business! I'm serious about this! There is someone impersonating @FoodDelivery on Hopscotch! I am not going to put up with someone messing with my friend and coding partner! Confess or I'm gonna have to go on to Hopscotch myself and report this person immediately!

I can't let someone bully and impersonate one of my best friends and coding partner! They could humiliate him by publishing embarrassing topics! This is not cool!

We don't know if he's on the forum, but if he is, we will get to the bottom of this!

@Liza @Rodrigo @BlastFusion @Candycane @SmileyAlyssa @Bananadog @tankt2016 @GracefulIcing1 @DaPurpleMan1 @Doodliedoo @system @Dude73 @ThePickle @TheGreenBanana @StarryDream @Silverdolphin
@Meg @Montoya @alish @awesomeonion @lan @thomas @asha @Huggingfluffybear @Rawrbear @Jess888 @DMF

And especially @FoodDelivery

Can you guys all help me find this impersonator who dares bully my friend!

⚠️Plagiarism and Impersonation on Hopscotch⚠️

Use the OMTL. I'll get a full list of THT members.
Edit: Here's the list!


Hey, while I totally see why you could be upset about this, we shouldn't get too worked up over it. :slight_smile:

Impersonators are just people who think you're so awesome that they pretend to be you!

Just email THT, and they'll respond when they can.


This is not a fan account.


Yeah they think that u are awesome and are ur fans!


They might be watching the forum right now.


Ahh! I'm sorry to hear this!

The truth is, there is a lot of impersonators out there. Heck, I have over 20 of them! I know sometimes it can be annoying, but try not to be too angry at them. Impersonators look up to people so much and want to be as good as them, they actually try to pretend to be them! Think of impersonators as a compliment, as someone who really wants to be you. If you really have a problem with what they are doing, you can always email THT at help@gethopscotch.com! :smiley:


Wut is wrong with impersonating someone?
It's leike "wow Foody is so sweg I wanna impersonate him!"
It is a way to compliment someone and I think impersonation is more leike a fan-activity than a humiliation or somethine leike dat.
wai are you so mad fren? ;-;


Is it ok if someone is trying to make people think they are you?


When I emailed THT they updated an imposter account. Named BlastFusion more


Yeah, I don't really think that it is very important. People will know how it's not the original one. Only if they start posting inappropriate projects then I think it is a problem.


And the bad thing is he got 20 likes on his stuff... Means that food deliveries impersonator might be believed.


What do you mean?


I hope this account gets deleted!


BlastFusion more was a fake account. And THT deleted it. (Now there's someone called BlastFusion1)


If they did, they'd hate me forever! I don't care! You can't impersonate my friend!

They might love @FoodDelivery, but they said in a published project that they deleted not too long ago that they were "the one and only @FoodDelivery!" I care who you are, but you cannot lie about your identity! That is so not cool!


@everyone Don't impersonate! It's wrong and you are lying to the world about your identity! Seriously!


It's not great they are trying to make people think they are the real you, but their usernames do have to be slightly different, and with that community knows it's an impersonator.


yeah... the impersonator said he was "the one and only FoodDelivery"


You are right; lying isn't cool.

But don't worry about it too much, most of the impersonators just create the impersonation account and only publish things for about a week then just go back to their main account. Trust me on that one- ALL of my impersonators only published about 5 projects then never logged back into that account again.