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@FoodDelivery and @HappyPerson's Discussion Topic!

Q1: How tall am I?
Worth: 1 point


you are 154cm! (5ft 2")


What project right now has the least amount of plays? (On my channel)


Burger Determination 2


@HappyPerson we will discus here


I willl tell you the password here @happyperson


Sorry @Paige1212 this is only for me and @HappyPerson we are coding partners and I am about to tell the password


I wasn't asking anything!!!!


I just dont want the account password to be exposed


Ok @FoodDelivery !!!!!!!!:wink::pizza:


A discus is a Greek frisbee XD
I'm ready fer the password!


Sorry I'll leave bye


But you weren't here in the first place
looks in confusion as she takes a bite of a nonexistent donut


Already impatient
Super bored
Scrapping table with fingernails
What are you waiting for?
Oh my God!!!
Ready for it
Dunno how I will survive

The first letter of each sentence spells password :smile:


See? Magic! Not really. I should get to my homework. NOT!


@FoodDelivery I'm in!


@FoodDelivery I'm on too


Um…@LegendofFriday why are you on our account?


What do u mean? How am I on your account?


Oh I thought u meant ur in the game show lol I'm not in your account :smiley: