FoodDelivery needs a coding partner!



Hi there, I am looking for someone who is actually willing to collaborate some projects with me. If you are interested just @FoodDelivery me and answer two simple questions:

How long have you known me for?
What's your favourite project I have made?

Thanks. I hope I can find someone. I will create a seperate account for us.

People i might pick:


Trail and Shape Art Coding Contest! RESULTS NOW!
The official Hopscotch website Talk
Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

Just wondering what would you be coding?


@MelodiousParrot mainly art which consists of trail art, pixel art, shape art. Every now and then I will slip in some games


Well I'm think I'm to busy/lazy (lol :joy:) to be coding partners with anyone but I look forward to seeing you projects!


I have known you since the Troll Simulator project!
I like your Incoming Cars project


Ive known you since 2015, when I First officially started coding on here. All your projects are my fav!!!


I only started HS this year....


Oops nvm i thinking of somebody else then. Oops.

^runs away and hides^


Lol it's fine. :joy:


But i still think your projecst are tres cool! Could I be your coding partner? :grinning:


@shamrockcat I'll wait and see if other people come, then i will decide :grinning:


@FoodDelivery I would love to be your coding partner! We could create an account for both of us!

Sound cool?


Mkay!!!!!!!!!!!!! But know that i am availble to helpppppp.:smile:


I am available too! @FoodDelivery!


Thanks for the tag! I can code mini movies. Mini games. Mini scenery.
A lot of mini things.



kewl! I will pick by the end of tonight (eastern time) right now it is 9:52 pm


Where I live, it's 7:53 AM!


thanks for all the likes


I would love to be your coding partner! I'm experienced in pixel art and learning trail art right now!


@FoodDelivery I'm sorry I didn't mean to spam you. It's just your posts are funny and entertaining!

By the way, do you like baby birds screaming with their wings in the air, trying to do splits over rocks?

You do now!