FoodDelivery is having a break from Hopscotch



I am not using this for attention. I am making a topic because I know I will miss you all. I am leaving. I will not do a poll. Sorry and thanks for all the support so far :relieved: Even if I am taking a short break, I will miss you all. I might leave on both. I will still catch up on the forum but not as reguarly. Projects are going to be published at a slow rate.


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What?!? Are you leaving just the forum or the forum and hopscotch?


OH okay. I am still sad. When do u think u will come back?


Some time.


Okay, did you leave a message on your hopscotch account?


nope - I dont want to...


Ok I will miss you.


Runs off crying​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


I will come back

But for now, bye.



Tag me on the forum when u come back! And tell me on HS when u come back!


What about all the people who aren't on the forum, they won't know where you have gone. Btw I will definitely miss your realistic, amazing and extremely appetising food trail arts!


Thanks. But I need a huge break. I will make it on my other account


Its quite complicated why I wont post on my main


What other account?!?


Bye! I will miss seeing you on the forum and your amazing projects in my following tab! :)


FoodDeliveryRemixer and FoodDeliveryFAQ


Cya all. In another time. Last post. :expressionless:






noooooooooooooooooo! My fren is gone