@FoodDelivery and @HappyPerson's Discussion Topic!



Hello World!!!

Hey, @FoodDelivery! Let's talk about our account thing that we still haven't made. Should we call it HappyDelivery? You know the password deal right? Where you right the password and when I like it you delete the post.

See ya!

BTW, congratulations @CatWithABrush for getting a featured!


Ok.I have to sleep in 20 mins but lets discuss.


HappyDelivery sounds good!


I will make the account!!


Okay! Tell me the password.


@HappyPerson r u there?


I'm a happy person and I'm here


Hi Delly!


(sorry not my topic, but u tagged me )
jAghskd how
xnsjj is
nsjsjrjj it
snjjrjfncncn possible
Looks at activity tab
How is it possible? THT Didn't liked my project!




Can't talk now. In class. Talk to you in an hour and twenty five minutes


r u there?


Foody it's your brocahlees time! >:)


wat?! nuuuu, not da brocahlees!


throw brocahlees at Cupcakey



doges brocahlees and repels back to @StarryDream


dodges brocahlees and throw them at Cupcakey

Calling Minnie and her minion army!


Nuuuuuuu! you cannot do this to me!
Calling for army!


I like fried and fresh brohcalleehs. You cant stop me >:)


Nuuuuuu! Foody, I need your halp!