Food art v. Trail art topic



Akin to the drawing on paper compared to an ipad, shape art on clay, etc versus shape art on HS, this is where we can put food(both made with physical ingredients and food-related projects on HS.) and compare perspectives, colors, and time for projects and food.


Wait, who says this is an official topic?


Here. I’ll start with this fantabulous cake I made for my mom’s birthday.


On HS, it would be harder to get the shading right due to the lighting.


Thanks! Also, great idea. Just had to get that sorted out.


Yeah, that would be complex. Hopscotch is not a renderer, it is a coding platform.


Nice cake…Now I want to eat it…


Interesting topic! I make a lot of Trail Art (and Shape Art sometimes as well), but I haven’t really made a food one yet other than the Dunkin’ Donuts logo.


Exactly. It’s a coding platform. With all the neccesary coding components to create almost anything. Which is great, because

spoiler alert: “renderer” is included in “anything”

another spoiler: it has already kind of been done



Don’t you dare keep stealing my ideas

Then doing them before me

It’s making me goat



Well I made a ray tracer (kind of) on hopscotch 2 years ago.


@CreationsOfaNoob I presume your latest project bases things off FPS?


Yup! Do you want to know how it works?




i want cake now… :cake: :birthday:


Mmmmmm cake mmmmmmmmmm


can you make a cake for me for my birthday? :cake:


omg i had to come back please i need that chocolate cake


Haha problem 1- we live in diff. Countries


i can take a flight to your country