Fonts/special characters in Hopscotch



I remember people asked a lot about fancy fonts, not sure if people still use them as much now :slight_smile:

i used to post swathes of free keyboard apps like that long text there... anyway here are some that might just give you an idea of what's available out there and you can find related apps that suit you :slight_smile:

There are fonts and symbols like ▒▉►➊➋➌➍♩♪♫♬♭⌘:watch:︎❁:cloud:︎ℂℋℜ

I have a maths keyboard that has maths symbols like √ and ², but a related one:

I mostly use text replacement in Settings though nowadays, not so much of these keyboards. The keyboards save you having to copy and paste, but you can do that from sites where you can search them up:


This is very useful if u don't have a school iPad. I like it.


Thank you so much, I needed this!


Will this work for school iPads?


Oh hmmm if you aren't able to download apps from the App Store because of school iPads, you can search up Unicode characters on the internet too :smiley:

This was just one site that I had found:


This is a really cool topic! I use this website too:
It is like FancyKey, but you copy and paste the characters and it works in your browser. However, not all symbols works on iOS. If you copy and paste some characters into Hopscotch, they will turn into emojis. Some doesn't even work to paste, but most symbols work and I like this website a lot!


Revive this topic because I want to remember the resources. I’ll also bookmark it. I think a few people had been asking about these lately so maybe putting this in circulation again will help.