Font Awesome 5 has been added to the Discourse 2.3 Build (Which is why thing look different)


Just a little PSA for everyone. Here is what I have found so far:

-The notification screen looks a little different, and the symbols have been bolder

-The topic select screen has gotten a complete make over

-Symbols in reply boxes are slightly different and more bold

-Badges Are Displayed a little differently

-Text looks more refined in certain areas

What are your thoughts on Awesome Font 4 being implemented into the build? I am interested to know.



I like it, new tiny but subtle animations


I don’t like awesome font 4


It’s interesting!
I kinda like it, tho there is a huge change.


Well, as Font Awesome 5 is the latest version (when I’m writing this), Discource probably wanted to update their icon set a little bit. I like the change, but I think that some icons are a little bit too bold. But that is just a minor thing, really. The update is really good in my opinion! :slight_smile: