Follows and Likes! (Just Read its not what you think :D



Okay first off i loooooove making peoples day, and i thought... whats better then getting likes on projects and follows??? and possibly shoutouts!! So... if i don't follow let me know and i will!! And if you have a well worked on project i'll like it! I'm hoping this might make some peoples day! (Maybe even fans if any :stuck_out_tongue: ) you can also recommend people!

People Spam Liking Ceremony!

It's so awesome that you're doing this!! :smile:


Yea! I think i'm somewhat known (jk im not :stuck_out_tongue: )so it might make peoples day no matter what! My number 1 goal is to make everyones day! Famous or not! i did this last year and a lot of people enjoyed it!


Awesome!! :smile:

Here's a like! :heart:


Thanks! Any Ideas?


For every day you do this, spam the first two people you see in newest with likes! :smile:


Can I do this to? How can you not like people's projects? :smiley:


Everyday for the rest my young hopscotch life! I really wish i could see how people would react.. even though it won't be like "OMG OMG OMG OMG SNOWGIRL STUDIIOS" its still going to be sooooo fun! if only i could see through the screen to the expression. and @Dude73 of course!! anybody can do this!! <3


I'm going to do this now! :smile:


(cracks knuckles) Is it spam-liking time? :laughing:

Tell meh usernames! I shall check out their profile and spam them with likes! XD


Yay!! this is exactly what i hoped for!! I'm so glad others are doing this!! lol @CreativeCoder yes, yes it is.


I sometimes just randomly like in newest, then I went back 5 mins later and one projects said:

OMG! SmileyAlyssa liked my project!

Then they draws themselves fainting! Then I followed them :thumbsup:


lol thats... thats awesome!


I have spam-liked KawaiiPanda101 :D


Ahhh it's a dinosaur! :scream:


I did this, but there was one that had inappropriate projects that tht said were allowed.


You don't follow us! And we are working on a project like Valgo's Kaleidocosmos, except with special features! We didn't tag Valgo because we want it to be a surprise.


Funny! And I'm guessing once you follow them, they make a project that says

OMG SmileyAlyssa Followed Me!!!


i'll follow and spam like you guys now :smiley:


You spam liked us, thanks for the likes, except we don't want too much activity dumped on us all at once.