Following on the forum idea



I’ve got an idea for the forum.

We should be able to follow each other here on the forum, like we do on HS!

And you can tag all the ppl u follow as a group!

What do u think?

  • Totally.
  • No.
  • Other(write down)

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I think it’s a great idea!
Although I don’t think THT can do that, unless Discourse adds that as a feature.


the tagging thing, maybe no but… I LOVE THE FOLLOW IDEA

then you can go to like a page and see if the people you follow have been active recently!


I agree!
And you could pin the people you follow’s posts in a topic, which would make spamliking easier muahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


or you could just filter out their posts? You can do that already tankt.


Yeah, but not with the people who have their profiles hidden.


GOOD POINT. I VERY MUCH DISLIKE THAT. caps lock… :expressionless:


Good idea and you could have different notifications from people you follow like you could get alerted when they make a new topic, but the problem is, THT would consider it to be too focused on popularity.


This is a great idea.


I also think that this is a great idea. Perhaps you can suggest this to Discourse over at


highly doubt that discourse devs would implement this just for a few kids who want to filter out posts
i dont even see the point


There could be more features to it
Idk what though


Discourse would have to implement it as far as I know


alternativelying hopscotch can host it themselves IDK why they dont


This is cool, but I feel like maybe some people wouldn’t want to be tagged in a group
Some people dislike tagging