Following in the steps of @smilingsnowflakes



Just looking at the title some people will say
"WOWOWOWOW THIS PERSoN STINks ANd NeDs to gut a liffe"

Okay That was a joke but I want to follow in @SmilingSnowflakes because

1) She is nice
3) Good at coding

Their is more but for the sake of time I won't continue.

I will now try to spam :D faces and try to break her record of :D.
Now people can call me the SSF Or Razor.

(SSF means @SmilingSnowflakes fan)

So I'm going to stick with more art, avoid the bird, and be a member of the not-real :D club.

@SmilingSnowflakes I'll challenging you to take your place as leader of the :Ds
Are you up?! :D






Smiley war!

Secret Friendly Mass Tag List



Also sorry for tagging you 3 times @smilingsnowflakes


SS has said over 4000 :Ds on the forum...good luck XD


YEEES!!! Best. Topic. Ever.


For some reason when I try to make the tag list detail smaller it shows what it unveils


I know it will take all year :D


There is one! Look in my topics!


Thank you so, so, much! :D

This is made me really happy. :D

Thank you X100!